An engaging, interactive and warm production for the young and the young at heart'

The Song of Fergus and Kate

“I’m a monster” Fergus admitted,“you’d better go and let me be” but the girl said “I’ve never met a monster, come out and let me see.”

Do monsters really exist? If they do what do they look like? Are they covered from head to toe in slimy scales or matted fur? Do they have teeth like sharks or claws of steel? Or do they look like you and me? 

The Song of Fergus and Kate is an interactive show that uses storytelling, music and animation to encourage children to celebrate their differences.

Praise for Watch This Space Productions 2016 Edinburgh Fringe children show

“**** I would wholeheartedly recommend this show to anyone with children.”  - One 4 Review 

“this enjoyable production appeals to children and adults alike” - Primary Times

Next Show - A Very Special Christmas Production

15th and 16th December 2018 2pm Tickets £6

Gilded Balloon, Basement Theatre, Rose Street Edinburgh