The Last Laugh by Keir McAllister 

Never Date a Comedian

The Last Laugh mixes stand-up, theatre and storytelling in a tale about two people discovering whether being funny is as important as being happy. Join Eddie Butler the next big thing in comedy - well he used to be before he met new kid on the block Grace. Grace knows you should never date a comedian, comics are generally considered worse lifestyle choices than Scientology...and for good reason. Will Grace follow the advice? Will Eddie finally decide whether being funny is as important as being happy? 

Praise for the Last Laugh


‘Stand-up tragedy with deceptive intelligence... McAllister’s script twists elegantly’ - The List 


‘The script is witty and clever, while still having real ideas. Happiness and humour clash in thought- provoking ways - and the show, for a piece that fuses genres in the way that it does, is remarkably well-structured as a piece of theatre.' - BroadwayBaby 
‘very funny..meditation on life, love and loss McAllister is a talented writer’- The Stage