The Fantastical Return of Greyfriar’s Bobby
Wee Bobby is back!

BIGGER, BETTER and with extra BARK! The Fantastical Return of Greyfriar’s Bobby fuses live performances and puppetry with magical animations and filmed footage of the sites and sounds of Edinburgh.

The Fantastical Return of Greyfriar’s Bobby is a fun filled interactive adventure for the whole family. All American tweenager Bex is obsessed with technology, her phone and it’s apps. Bex can’t think of anything worse than a trip to boring old Scotland to visit her Uncle McGonagle in Edinburgh. Little does she know of the mystery waiting for her when she arrives, the very unique friends she will make and the very special, little dog who will take her on an adventure that she will never forget.

The production is unique in casting from Scotland’s thriving comedy community ensuring that the performance has big laughs for the adults while keeping children engaged with the fast paced interactive storyline.

Praise for The Fantastical Return of Greyfriar’s Bobby:

"I would wholeheartedly recommend this show to anyone with children" - One4Review

'The pandas with the Glaswegian accents were so funny and Sherlock Holmes was cool' - Jake Age 10: Primary Times  “My favourite bit was cuddling Greyfriars Bobby at the end and I liked it when they got the tram to the zoo' - Anna Age 8: Primary Times

‘The characters are engaging, the story is original, the children were captivated’ -The List
‘charms the adults in the audience, provoking hoots of laughter, whilst simultaneously keeping the children entertained’ - Three Weeks

Listing Information

The Fantastical Return of Greyfriers Bobby played during Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 & 2016 Stand In The Square - St Andrews Square

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