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Jay Lafferty shares her thoughts on her comedy hero Dylan Moran

The List 

I have always had a thing for dark haired, unshaven, slightly dishevelled gents. I'm a big fan of the sardonic drunk who turns up at parties to roll his eyes and make sardonic quips which is why Dylan Moran is not only my comedy hero but something of an icon for me.

The Last Laugh and Phoney Feminism

The Skinny 

Satirical play The Last Laugh makes a welcome return at Glasgow International Comedy Festival in March – here the creators and cast tell us whether being funny is more important to a comedian than being happy. 

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Jay Lafferty: Women lead the way in politics and comedy

The National 

THE notion that politics and comedy are closely related has only grown stronger since Donald Trump entered the Presidential candidacy race. From outrageous plans to build walls to quips about his member, “The Donald” is taking satire to the brink of destruction

My Comedy Hero: Keir McAllister on Bruce Morton

The List 

The subject of heroes is a tricky one for comics. Where musicians seem to welcome the obscure and eclectic influence, one misplaced nomination from a comic and you're walking into a world of pain.


Breaking The News Podcast 

BBC Radio Scotland

Scotland's award winning satirical news quiz is now a podcast. 

Have a listen to Series 6 Episode 10 featuring Raymond Mearns, Val McDermid, AlBarrie and Jay Lafferty. 

With host Des Clarke