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 Jay Lafferty - Wheesht! 

Fresh from a successful Edinburgh Fringe 18 run Jay Lafferty’s Wheesht! will be touring from March 2019.

With a colourful history of never knowing when to shut up, Jay has managed to get herself into – and occasionally out of – more than a few tricky situations. 

School report cards, angry bosses and one very confused customs officer agreed Jay talks too much. Trying to shed the compulsive communicator inside has been a lifelong mission that up to now, Jay has only ignored… largely because she couldn't hear it above her own voice.

But after a lifetime of being told to pipe down, Jay never realised the trouble it would cause when she finally decided to hold her tongue. 

Wheesht! is the follow up to Lafferty’s debut hit show Besom which ranked number five in the  - Top 10 best-reviewed comedy shows at Edinburgh Fringe 2017.

Wheesht! guarantees clever material delivered with effortless swagger. 


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22nd March, Blackfriars, Glasgow

23rd March, Cumbernauld Theatre, Cumbernauld

4th April, Websters Theatre, Arbroath

5th April, Heart of Hawick, Hawick

6th April, Peebles Burgh Hall, Peebles

25th April, FTH Theatre, Falkirk

17th May, McKillop Institute, Lochwinnoch

21st of May, Eden Court Inverness

June Ticket Links Coming Soon